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Danielle: The Cover

Here’s the cover for the book. If you click on it, you can see it full size.

So here it is in all its pink glory. As a 12-year-old, I’m sure I loved it. And I remember walking into Crown Books, seeing it had been released, and snatching it up in excitement. (A feeling that was dashed as soon as I’d digested my first Schurfranz.) You can just tell from her expression that Danielle is going to be a vixen, or possibly just a brat. Also, she apparently thinks very highly of herself. Danielle’s all about dancing the night away and finding a new adventure to cure her boredom. Unfortunately, she has no common sense to go along with it.

Flanking Danielle are her two swains, Geoffrey the pirate (in this picture, I think he’s dreaming of the day he becomes Pirate King…watch out, moron, Elizabeth Swann could skewer you like a shish kabob.) On the other side is kind, handsome, but terminally boring Paul. Hey, at least he’s honest. Why he imagines being married to Danielle would be a good thing is beyond me.

So, that’s the cover. Tomorrow, I will start with Chapter 1 and go through the book. Ah, Danielle, you’re such a modest young lady. Does anyone else think she resembles David Lee Roth in his glory days?


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