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Funny how “tomorrow” turns into “4 months from now,” isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m going to try to get back to this. I’m looking at the first chapter of “Danielle.” First we meet our feisty heroine, Danielle Verlaine, and her noble steed, Ebony. No quiet mare for Danielle; she rides a black stallion. We learn that Danielle has long blond hair, lives in a mansion called Cypress Manor, and likes to strip down to her underwear and swim in the Mississippi. Not appropriate behavior at all for a girl old enough to be married, but Danielle must be hoping for some hot pirate to come along and…fill her life with adventure. Oh, Danielle.

Danielle’s father is a wealthy creole named Antoine, while her mother, Adelaide, is British. Danielle also has a suitor, a tall, blond, boring, upstanding young man named Paul Milerand. Paul has brown eyes, a crooked nose, and wants to own his own schooner. However well-planned his future is, he doesn’t realize a public coffeehouse is NOT the place to offer his beloved a betrothal ring. Poor Paul.

Danielle turns “shy”…a first and last for our girl…and stammers about how she’s not ready for marriage. What she’s really thinking about is how she’d like a real man. Danielle’s never had anything but a secure, pampered life, so she doesn’t see anything special about Paul and his planning.

Danielle waxes poetic about her hero, pirate captain Jean Lafitte, then is stunned when she runs into this (ahem) gentleman, only to find out that he knows who she is. He’s made it a point to find out about the daughter of his enemy. With him is Gambi, who is the first of Schurfranz’s Creepy Old Guys Who Get Kicks Out Of Tormenting Young Girls. We’ll see this over and over in Schurfranz’s books…Laura’s nasty teacher, some nasty guy after Megan, some Pilgrim who hates Merrie. Vivian must have had a nasty old neighbor as a child, or something.

Anyway, that’s it for now. At least I’m getting back in the game. We’ll see how it goes. Ciao!


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