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Elizabeth Quick Notes

July 25, 2010

Elizabeth, by Willo Davis Robers, is Sunfire #3. I’m actually surprised by how worn my copy of Elizabeth is…It’s almost falling apart! I don’t remember loving this one so much, but perhaps the tale of someone who gets what’s coming to her enthralled me. Front cover blurb: In a time of treachery and terror, loving […]

Susannah Quick Notes

July 18, 2010

Susannah, by Candice F. Ransom, is Sunfire #2. You can tell how much I loved this book…the cover is a little extra worn! Susannah’s face is the worse for the wear. I actually think I owned this book before Amanda. Front cover blurb: Everything is gone…her home, her family, her past. All that is left […]

Quick Notes on All Books

July 4, 2010

I think instead of continuing on with Danielle right now, I’ll do quick notes on all the books, from 1-32. I’ll post main character names, descriptions, and settings. Starting, of course, with Amanda. You can see from the scans that my copy of Amanda, by Candice F. Ransom, purchased new in 1984, is pretty battered […]