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Quick Notes on All Books

I think instead of continuing on with Danielle right now, I’ll do quick notes on all the books, from 1-32. I’ll post main character names, descriptions, and settings. Starting, of course, with Amanda. You can see from the scans that my copy of Amanda, by Candice F. Ransom, purchased new in 1984, is pretty battered now! It’s a first printing, but of course, I’m not sure if these books ever warranted more than a first printing.


Amanda Front Cover (credit: David Jarvis)


Front cover blurb: Torn from her home, she fought and loved her way across a savage new land.

Back cover blurb: A new land, a new love

Main character: Amanda Bentley. 16 years old; hazel/green eyes; long, dark-brown, curly hair

Nicknames: Mandy, Yankee Girl

Setting: Oregon Trail, 1846

Suitor #1: Joseph White, student, planning to work at his father’s bank. Light red hair, gray eyes.

Suitor #2: Ben Compton, son of wagon train master Ira Compton; accomplished frontiersman. Tawny hair, blue eyes.

The front cover shows Joseph on the left and Ben on the right. In the lower left, Ben and Amanda are walking together.

Back cover


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