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In the 80s, the world was lit by Sunfire!

Danielle Quick Notes

I know, I already started talking about Danielle, but I’m still going to do a quick notes for it. Danielle is Sunfire #4.

Danielle Front Cover (credit: Joel Iskowitz)

Front cover blurb: Could she side with the pirates against the one she loved?

Back cover blurb: Twice she’d lost her heart, but who was her life-long love?

Main character: Danielle Verlaine; 15 years old, blond, blue eyes; spoiled, pampered daughter of Louisiana plantation owners

Suitor #1: Paul Milerand, blond hair, brown eyes. Midshipman and future captain of his own ship. Semi-betrothed to Danielle; match endorsed by their families

Suitor #2: Geoffrey Lafitte; curly brown hair, dark brown eyes. Fictitious nephew of real-life pirates Jean and Pierre Lafitte. A thief and a jerk. Not the kind of cool pirate you’d find in a movie with Johnny Depp.

Setting: Battle of New Orleans, 1814

On the cover: middle, Danielle; left, Geoffrey; right, Paul. Bottom right, Danielle dancing with Paul.

Back cover of Danielle

This is the first Sunfire book haunted the bookstores for, waiting for it to be published. I still remember the shock I felt at how PINK it was, sitting on the shelf that first day at Crown Books. And then the disappointment once I’d read it! Danielle may have been the first book heroine that I truly disliked.


2 Responses to “Danielle Quick Notes”

  1. You should keep going. These books were awesome, I also wasn’t thrilled with Danielle, and Elizabeth’s hair WAS rockin’.

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