Sunfire Romance Novels
In the 80s, the world was lit by Sunfire!

Joanna Quick Notes

So, at long, long last, I’m back to this! Starting with Sunfire #5, Joanna.

Joanna Front Cover (credit: Joel Iskowitz)

Front cover blurb: The chance for a new life, the hope for a new love…Were they worth the risk of leaving home?

Back cover blurb: Would she have to defy everything–even love?

Main character: Joanna Adams, dark brown wavy hair, brown eyes; two months shy of her 16th birthday at the beginning of the book, 17 by the end.

Suitor #1: Jed Robbins, very dark brown curly hair, green eyes, 18-19 years old (throughout book). Brother to Joanna’s best friend Lucy, and a sailor who refuses to ask Joanna to wait for him while he goes to sea.

Suitor #2: Theodore (Theo) Wilkens, blonde hair, blue eyes, 18-19 years old (throughout book); also characterized by his “very wide smile.” Nephew of a mill owner.

Setting: the mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1835. (The back of the book says 1836, but it starts in 1835.)

On the cover: Middle, Joanna; left, Theo; right, Jed. Bottom left, Jed embracing Joanna. There is also a gorgeous ship and the sea (so you can almost guess from the start who wins Joanna’s heart and hand). Although the back cover also includes the falls where Joanna and Theo like to meet. The back cover also shows the girls working in the mill.

Back cover of Joanna

I remember LOVING the cover of Joanna. It was the first primarily green cover, which is my favorite color, and I found the design and colors so pleasing. Second, I always thought Joanna was one of the most beautiful, if not THE most beautiful, of the Sunfire girls. Even by today’s standards, she obviously knows how to pair a smokey eye palette with a pale lip. However, I have to think her friend Ruth would have heart palpitations if Joanna wore her hair so loosely in the mill, and I’m sorry, but those perfectly shaped and polished nails never saw a day of work in their lives, let alone farm work! Even in the carriage on the way to Lowell, Joanna examines her fingers with “nails cut straight across.” Uh-huh.


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