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In the 80s, the world was lit by Sunfire!

Jessica Quick Notes

Up next: Sunfire #6, Jessica, by Mary Francis Shura.

Jessica Front Cover (credit: Bob Sabin)

Front cover blurb: She lived in a time when loving the wrong man could mean exile from her home.

Back cover blurb: One man would love her; one man would lose her.

Main character: Jessica Findlay, golden blond hair, blue eyes; just about to celebrate her 16th birthday.

Suitor #1: Wheeling Hawk, a Cheyenne warrior who saves Jessica’s life.

Suitor #2: Will Reynolds, brown hair, brown eyes; a 19-year-old greenhorn widower whose newborn son is cared for by Jessica, even though he dislikes her intensely…or does he?

Other suitors: This was the first Sunfire where the herione had more than the standard two suitors. Roy Blanding is the auburn-haired town bully who assumes he and Jessica will be married shortly. Even though this book came out before Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, here’s what I’m picturing:

My, what a guy, that Roy!

Then there’s Geoffrey Montgomery, a Brit who’s considering moving to Kansas, but he’s pretty minor.

Setting: The Kansas prairie, 1873

On the cover: middle, Jessica (and my cover is pretty battered, she doesn’t really have a scar in her right eye); left, Wheeling Hawk; right; Will Reynolds. Bottom, Will and Jessica dancing (WHEN would Will and Jessica have been civil enough to dance together? I need to re-read this book!)

Note: Does anyone else think Wheeling Hawk looks like Robert Hays from Airplane??? Because that’s what I’ve always thought.

Wheeling Hawk: Don't call him Shirley

The back cover shows Wheeling Hawk saving Jessica’s life in the storm.

Jessica Back Cover

So, two questions: I know this book is set in Kansas, but does anyone else get “Oklahoma” stuck in their head when reading this book? Also, is it just me, or does poor Jessica’s jaw and smile make her look a little horsey?


2 Responses to “Jessica Quick Notes”

  1. Jessica was never my favorites. Mostly because she looks like a middle aged woman on the cover. And because most of the time I think she just bickered with Will and then ended up with him. Mostly, I was probably annoyed that she wasn’t Laura Ingalls Wilder. PLEASE keep writing these. I enjoy reminiscing about these books so much!

  2. I’ve been flipping through Jessica before I put it away and move on to Caroline, and I’m really not loving it. How are you supposed to root for Will when he’s so nasty all the time, and hello, how long was his wife dead before he’s in love with Jessica? According to him, it’s before his aunt even shows up, so…a couple months? Not cool. Also, Jessica really IS stringing Roy along. She KNOWS he’s assuming they’ll be married, which granted is his own fault; but she could have set him straight at any time. She’s certainly plain-spoken enough any other time. Yeesh.

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