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In the 80s, the world was lit by Sunfire!

Victoria Quick Notes

Victoria is Sunfire #13. This was the last Sunfire entry by Willo Davis Roberts.

Victoria Front Cover

Front Cover Blurb: Texas’ pride was in her blood, burning love was in her heart.

Back Cover Blurb: A dashing Texan or a proud Mexican. Which man would win her love?

Main Character: “Beautiful, lovely” Victoria Winters. (I always giggle at that description on the back. Hey, guys who wrote the summary, you DID know that “beautiful” and “lovely” are pretty much the same thing, right?) Vickie has curly “chestnut” hair, i.e. reddish brown, and hazel eyes. The book starts on her 16th birthday. She is the daughter of a poor doctor, Hamish, and his former Southern-belle wife, Nora. They, Vickie, and her brother Dane lead a somewhat nomadic existence as Hamish wanders Texas treating patients.

Suitor #1: Cade Riley, a blond, blue-eyed Texas Ranger. He and Vickie meet when he saves Vickie when she falls off a raft. He, his grandfather, and sister Naddy are neighbors to the Winters family and own the Rocking R ranch.

Suitor #2: Luis Arista, black hair and dark brown eyes, the son of a wealthy Mexican rancher. His 19th birthday is celebrated at a huge fandango at Rancho Arista. Although of Mexican heritage, his family is allied with the Texans. Luis is mourning a sweetheart who died.

I must admit, Vickie may be the luckiest of the Sunfire girls. She has two absolutely fantastic men to choose from. Neither is a secret jerk, although the reader may wonder at intervals if Cade is heading in that direction. Luis is a dream and would be MY choice, just because he’s all sensitive and smart and AWESOME.

Setting: The fight for Texas independence from Mexico, starting in April 1835 and ending in May of 1836. Most of the action takes place in southeastern Texas.

Front Cover: Middle, Victoria, looking like she was dressed by the wealthy Aristas in a lush Mexican gown. She is also sporting one of the more obvious 80s hairdos. Wow, is there a wind machine going? Vickie looks like she could dump the dress and slither onto a car hood for a Whitesnake video. On the right is Cade, looking as all-American…er, Texan…as it’s possible to look. Do you think he had an orthodontist? On the left is Luis in his fancy fandango garb. I’m assuming that the embracing couple on the bottom is supposed to be Vickie and Luis, but…WHA? No, no. Doesn’t look like Vickie, doesn’t look like Luis, and this embrace only happened in a fond father’s dreams. Yeah, I know it’s probably SUPPOSED to be them, but in my mind, it’s Cade’s sister Naddy and Vickie’s cousin Billy, although why Billy would be in fancy Mexican clothes is anyone’s guess. Just humor me, okay?

Behind Luis we can see the Alamo.

Back Cover: Most likely the Alamo being overrun by the Mexican army. If you look closely, you can see what looks like some dead bodies.

Victoria Back Cover

I had to reread this one to do the quick notes because I didn’t remember enough of the details. I’m not really into Texas history, so I was shocked at how much this book pulled me in. It was on a slow burn from start to finish, a feat that never could have been accomplished in the shorter Sunfire format. I love how much tension you get as you learn what precedes the Alamo. Roberts helps this along by putting Hamish and Cade in conflict over whether a fight is really necessary. I also love how Vickie and Luis aren’t IN the Alamo but nearby, so they’re in the action but not there to muss up historical facts. (You can bet if this had been a Schurfranz book, the herione would have been marching to face Santa Anna all by her special little self.)

Roberts also throws every kind of social conflict you can possibly imagine into this book. We’ve got soldiers vs. pacificts; settlers vs. Native Americans; the question of slavery; differences in language, culture, religion, and even ability. I love how Victoria finally puts things in perspective for “crippled” Naddy by asking if Billy had come home with a limb amputated, would she love him any less?

Vickie herself is a breath of fresh air. She is a romantic, clearly looking to become a wife and mother and have her own home, yet she still stops to ask herself severl times if she’s really in love with Cade, especially if she can get her head turned by Luis. She doesn’t shirk from any duties, from household chores to helping her father amputate a leg. She’s girly enough to love a pretty pink dress, but pragmatic enough to fight her mother about only riding sidesaddle.

All in all, this book left me very sorry that it was the last by Willo Davis Roberts in the line.


4 Responses to “Victoria Quick Notes”

  1. […] my own books, and the one I read most often during my teen years, I’ll have to go with Victoria by Willo Davis Roberts (#13 in the Sunfire Romance […]

  2. Gasp. Just found this blog. Victoria is one of my Sunfire faves!

  3. I love what you said about Cade having an orthodontist, lol!! The image of him on the cover always made me think of Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard tv show!

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