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Dawn of Love Book 3: Savage Spirit

July 25, 2012

Book 3 in this series was my favorite: Savage Spirit by Meg Cameron, copyright 1985. I feel like I might have bought my original copy on vacation, in Florida somewhere. But the copy I have now is a replacement, which I really had to hunt for. Front Cover Blurb: Is sixteen too young to have […]

POLL: Should I change the blog’s design?

July 23, 2012

I’ve been thinking that the blog seems a little hard to read on-screen. Does anyone agree? Disagree? The problem is that I don’t want to pay for customization, and there currently aren’t any other sun themes with better readability. So if you can please click one of the poll responses, I’ll have a better idea […]

Sabrina Quick Notes

July 22, 2012

Sunfire #17 is Sabrina by Candice F. Ransom. In the short-format books, instead of a sample chapter for the next book, there is a short synopsis. The synopsis for Sabrina, which appeared at the end of Megan, is as follows:Coming next from Sunfire: SABRINA. a beautiful girl who spies and loves during the American Revolution. […]

Dawn of Love Book 2: Wild Prairie Sky

July 18, 2012

Book 2 in this series was Wild Prairie Sky by Cheri Michaels, copyright 1985. I think this was the first DoL book I bought, and I first picked it up because of that ah-MAZE-ing dress, which spills onto the back cover. Now all I can think is, “How did she deal with that huge dress all across the […]

Megan Quick Notes

July 15, 2012

Sunfire #16 was the first short-format Sunfire in the series. I still remember stumbling upon it for the first time at the library. I hadn’t been looking for any more Sunfires, and yet, here was a totally unfamiliar one! I remember picking it up and thinking, “But where’s the rest of it?” Unfortunately, Megan, by […]

Dawn of Love Book 1: Reckless Heart

July 11, 2012

About a year after the Sunfire Romances started being released, Pocket Books/Archway came out with their version of the teen historical romance: the Dawn of Love series. There were only six of these books, and they were only about 200 pages each, but I enjoyed them. Their tagline is, “Is sixteen too young…” and this leads […]

Roxanne Quick Notes

July 8, 2012

Now for my all-time favorite Sunfire, #15, Roxanne by Jane Claypool Miner. Front Cover Blurb: From small town girl to Hollywood star, her heart would belong to only one boy. Back Cover Blurb: Theirs would be the greatest love story Hollywood had ever known. (Note: I think this is the first time the color of […]

A Question While You Wait

July 3, 2012

I’m back to my read-through of Roxanne, but here’s a question to ponder while I prepare the quick notes: what other historical periods or events should the series have addressed? For example, I’ve always been annoyed that the Chicago Fire wasn’t covered. The Civil Rights Movement is another huge omission…and could have provided another African-American […]