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A Question While You Wait

I’m back to my read-through of Roxanne, but here’s a question to ponder while I prepare the quick notes: what other historical periods or events should the series have addressed? For example, I’ve always been annoyed that the Chicago Fire wasn’t covered. The Civil Rights Movement is another huge omission…and could have provided another African-American heroine. (It’s really kind of disgraceful that only one book featured non-white main characters.)

Also consider what events could be covered if the series was still continuing through today. Of course, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina are natural nominees.

What other entries could you imagine being books in this series?


6 Responses to “A Question While You Wait”

  1. Was there ever a ‘Roaring Twenties’ one? I don’t think I remember one actually set in the 20’s. Or the 50’s. Or Woodstock. Or in the North during the Civil War. I have probably put too much thought into these books during my lifetime….

    • I guess “Corey” could count partially as the North, as she ends up in Pennsylvania, doesn’t she? I wonder if they bypassed the Roaring Twenties because it would (probably) have to discuss liquor, and Sunfire was so pure and all. I agree that Woodstock (or another Vietnam-era setting) would be a good choice, I was always bummed that the “most current” book was Veronica, set in 1941. Really, no history took place from 1941 to 1987, or whenever they stopped publication?

  2. Oh, yes, Corey counts. I forget about a lot of the shorter books. I think at the time “history” happened at least a grandparent generation away, and in the 80’s I’m sure the 50’s seemed too modern. When I need a new hobby and turn to writing juvenile fiction I’m going to jump on the revival of the Sunfire line. But a story about an innocent young girl resisting corruption of the wild flappers of the 20’s would have been pretty good!

  3. Well They covered a little bit with Jacquelyn bobbing her hair but that was after the initial cultural revolution. I agree there were so many other things they could have touched on. What about that major flu epidemic at the turn of the century? Or maybe one where (idk my history enough to know what the main plot would be) but where JFK was shot or MLKJ…

  4. A California one during US Mexico War. Love this blog! Just found you.

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