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In the 80s, the world was lit by Sunfire!

Roxanne Quick Notes

Now for my all-time favorite Sunfire, #15, Roxanne by Jane Claypool Miner.

Roxanne Front Cover (Credit: Joel Iskowitz)

Front Cover Blurb: From small town girl to Hollywood star, her heart would belong to only one boy.

Back Cover Blurb: Theirs would be the greatest love story Hollywood had ever known.

(Note: I think this is the first time the color of the back cover blurb font doesn’t match the title color. Instead of black, it’s the lavender/pink of Roxanne’s sweater.)

Main Character: Rosie Wilson, 15, blonde hair, blue eyes. Her ditsy, dreamy, yet pushy mother changes Rosie’s name to Roxanne and drags her to Hollywood to become a star. She turns 16 during the course of the book.

Suitor #1: Henry Scott, blonde, 17. He’s Roxanne’s Oklahoma boyfriend who wants her to marry him instead of going to California. (No eye color is given.)

Suitor #2: Gary Marlowe, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, age 18. He’s the son of famous actors in a famous family. I kind of get the Barrymores out of the Marlowes. Roxanne meets him by accident in Kansas City on her way to Hollywood; Gary is there to promote his first starring-role movie.

Suitor #3: John Randolph, brown hair, 18 years old. (No eye color is given that I could find.) He is the son of “Ruthless” Cyril Randolph, a famous director/studio owner who doesn’t want his son to follow in his footsteps. John meets Roxanne in the diner where she is waitressing while trying to catch her big break.

Setting: Mostly Hollywood, throughout the year of 1938…one of the greatest years in movie history.

Front Cover: Middle, Roxanne (with her hair parted on the side!) wearing a lavender/pink sweater in her role as “sweater girl” a la Lana Turner. To the right is John, who is illustrated with blue eyes and is wearing the camel coat he was wearing when he met Roxanne. Seriously, he looks like such a jerk, and he’s really not. His illustration just reminds me of James Spader in “Pretty in Pink.”

Wow, that was 80s hair to die for.

To the left is Gary in his tux, obviously meant to look smoldering. Bottom left is Roxanne and John in his often-described car…although the car is always described as his “little yellow car.” D’OH! In this case, I think artistic license is okay. The blue car looks better in combination with the other colors on the cover.

Roxanne Back Cover

Back Cover: It looks like John directing Roxanne and Gary in one of their pirate movies, which of course never actually happens, but is a nice way to show the roles of all three characters in one shot. I love the sepia tone of it, as if illustrating that the movie is shot in black and white. On the spine is the “Hollywood” sign, although according to Wikipedia the sign said “Hollywoodland” until 1949.

As I mentioned, I love this book. I think part of it is the “rags to riches” aspect of the story, when so many other Sunfire heroines go in the opposite direction. I also love the character of Roxanne. She is forced to be the adult in the family because her mother is so childlike. At the same time, Roxanne does dream of being a star even while longing to have fun like a “regular” teenager. She is proud and has a fiery temper…which prevents her from connecting with Gary for much of the story.

I love how Miner even has Roxanne practicing her acting, so we know she has talent; she’s not just another pretty girl. If her crazy stage-mother is going to make her do this thing, Roxanne will do gverything she can to make it work.

I remember having to special order Roxanne from Kroch’s and Brentano’s and then being stunned by how pretty and striking the cover was once I had it in my hands. I also remember thinking that Roxanne was going to be the last book in the series, since there was no “next chapter” in the back of the book, nor any advertisement whatsoever for anything to come. Alas, Roxanne was the last full-length novel in the Sunfire series. The 17 remaining books all ran around 200 pages…a 150-page difference from the first 15 books.

One last note: now that the books are shorter, I should be able to get through them faster. (I’m already working on Megan, my least-favorite Sunfire of all time.) I may augment the blog here and there with books in the same genre as Sunfire. (Anyone remember the “Dawn of Love” books? I’ve always been sorry there were only six!) Then I have at least three more series I can think of offhand to talk about. So, stick around, there’s more to come!


2 Responses to “Roxanne Quick Notes”

  1. I love Rachel. I think it’s my favorite of the short ones, along with Nicole. Also I think James Cameron was reading these books because “Titanic” is almost the same plot as Nicole. Just sayin’. I was sad when the long version books ended, too, though. Most of my favorites were the long ones. And Roxanne was one of my favorites. I love how she meets Bob Hope on the train.

    • That was absolutely going to be in my Quick Notes for Nicole! I always thought James Cameron totally had to have read it…the similarities are just too much. Down to the first-class girl actually being broke. But at least Price wasn’t a jerk!

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