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Dawn of Love Book 4: Fearless Love

The fourth Dawn of Love book is probably my least favorite: Fearless Love by Stephanie Andrews, copyright 1985.

Fearless Love Front Cover (Credit: Joseph Cellini)

Front Cover Blurb: Is sixteen too young for…Fearless Love

On the Cover: Lucy Bonner and Jesse Lee Powell, who has hair that Simon Le Bon would have envied.

Okay, maybe not.

Jesse Lee is giving Lucy his mother’s locket, which in the book is described as a half moon, not a new moon. Maybe it was a new moon on Monday? (Tee hee. Okay, I’ll stop.) Also, the scene wasn’t nearly as romantic as shown on the cover, as Lucy was still spitting mad at Jesse Lee at that point.

Setting: Texas, February through April 1836

Similar Sunfire Book: Victoria

Main Character: Lucy Bonner, the daughter of a wealthy ranch owner in San Antonio. She is 16 with the dark eyes and blue-black hair of her Spanish-Mexican mother. Lucy and her family are preparing to leave her father at the Alamo. She is known to be timid and shy until she meets Jesse Lee Powell.

Suitor #1: Jesse Lee Powell, age 19, golden-blonde hair and blue eyes. He came from Tennessee with Davy Crockett to fight for Texas independence. Unfortunately, Jesse Lee has a “love ’em and leave ’em” history, often prefaced with “kiss me tonight, for tomorrow I may die.” When one of Jesse Lee’s fellow fighters makes this quite hurtfully known to Lucy, along with a couple of insults about her being a loose sexpot, there is a huge blowup that results in the entire Alamo knowing that Lucy was smooching in a dark corner.

Suitor #2: Juan Seguin, 26, black hair, dark brown eyes. He was Lucy’s childhood crush, and she seems a lot more attractive to him at 16 than she did at 10. (Which, granted, is in his favor.)

Suitor #3: Dirk Schumann, the son of a neighboring ranch owner. He assumes he and Lucy will be married to join their ranches, but he turns nasty after the hullabaloo over Lucy and Jesse Lee. He decides that if Lucy is giving it away for free, he’ll get in line too…no marriage required. Dirk is a complete d-bag, and d doesn’t stand for dirt.

Back Cover Blurb: Lucy Bonner would never forget…

Fearless Love Back Cover

How does it stack up against its Sunfire counterpart? Really, no contest here. We do get some snapshots inside the Alamo in this story as opposed to Victoria, where the characters observed from the outside. But mostly, this is a story about people riding horses. Lucy and her family ride out of the Alamo. Jesse Lee chases after them. Then Jesse Lee shows up at the Bonner ranch. He leaves, then Lucy rides back to the Alamo. She rides back home. Then the Bonners leave home ahead of the Mexican army. Once they finally camp, Lucy rides to San Jacinto to find out what’s going on. All this riding in one little 180-page book.

Not too surprisingly, Lucy and Jesse Lee don’t get much time to develop their romance. Really, they only ever see each other five times in the course of the book. Add in the mistrust built on their first meeting and Lucy’s love for him doesn’t really seem that believable. Attraction, sure; true love, not so much.

Another irritant: Lucy meeting Santa Anna. While it’s not like Lucy plays any big role in changing the course of history (he asks her to give the message that there will be no quarter given at the Alamo), I hate when the fictional heroine interacts importantly with real-life people. Bt if you follow this blog, you already know that!

This book has a lot of sexual innuendo. It’s implied that Jesse Lee has been bonking his way from Tennessee to Texas. Dirk and Harper have a lot to say about Lucy’s availability. In their last meeting at the Alamo, Lucy tentatively suggests that maybe sex SHOULD be an option, because they really might never see each other again. Luckily, Jesse Lee has learned his lesson and wants only a kiss before Lucy leaves.


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