Sunfire Romance Novels
In the 80s, the world was lit by Sunfire!

Julie Quick Notes

In my opinion, Sunfire #20, Julie, by Vivan Schurfranz, has the ugliest cover hands-down. The yellow cast over all the images is only the start of its problems.

Julie Front Cover (credit: unknown)

Coming Next Blurb at the end of Nicole: Julie, who has to choose between two exciting men while she struggles to help in the building of the first transcontinental railroad.

Front Cover Blurb: As the railroad opens a new age, Julie opens her heart to first love.

Back Cover Blurb: Still only a girl, love forces her to make a woman’s choice.

Main Character: Julie Fulton, who celebrates her 16th birthday shortly into the book; curly auburn hair, green eyes. Her family is a “railroad family,” including her father, an engineer; her brother, a spiker; and her mother, a famous telegrapher.

Suitor #1: Dylan O’Kelly, curly black hair, blue eyes. He’s a tracklayer for the Union Pacific. He’s loud, brash, and arrogant; he first meets Julie by making fun of her, yet he STILL somehow wins her heart. Yeah, that’s the kind of book this is.

Suitor #2: Samuel Harper, brown hair and brown eyes. A young surveyor working for Julie’s father, his uncle is Hiram Harper, who owns a stagecoach line and therefore doesn’t want the railroad finished. (Psst, Frollo, that’s your cue!)

The iron horse is the servant of the devil…just like all of Schurfranz’s heroines.

Please, Frollo, give it a rest; we know you lust after all of them.

Setting: November 1868-May 1869, Crooked Branch, Utah Territory; the completion of the first transcontinental railroad.

On the Cover: Oh, this poor, poor cover. Middle: First we have Julie, if Julie were actually Hispanic. Now I do give props for the clover necklace, and I think the pink dress is supposed to be the one she gets for her birthday, and maybe, MAYBE, there’s some reddish cast to her hair. But how can you tell with all the YELLOW? Gack. To the right is the ugliest suitor of all time, Dylan. Or maybe it’s a pig in a wig (one of my favorite lines from Sorcerer’s Stone…thank you, Ms. Rowling.) Below Dylan is a lovely locomotive coming ’round the mountain. To the left is Samuel, actually looking decent, especially compared with the unfortunate Dylan, but what’s with the poet shirt? Below Samuel is Julie, in what appears to be a can-can skirt, sitting in a meadow with Samuel. Could the combination of colors on this cover be any less pleasing? Is there anyone who LIKES this cover?

Julie Back Cover

Okay, I admit it: I could NOT reread this book. I tried, a couple times, but it’s just horrible. The only thing that maybe, possibly, makes it slightly better than Megan is Julie’s sticking by Dylan when he’s hurt and thinks he’ll never walk again. But Dylan treats her like property! “I’m not going to marry you now that I’m paralyzed, so I pick Samuel for you instead.” Really, Dylan? You’re that arrogant that Julie should just mary whoever YOU think she should? He’s an ass. I feel bad for Samuel. I think the poor guy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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