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In the 80s, the world was lit by Sunfire!

Heather Quick Notes

Sunfire #23 is Heather by Vivian Schurfranz.


Heather Front Cover (Credit: Joel Iskowitz)

Front Cover Blurb: She is brave enough for life in the new world–but is she brave enough for love?

Back Cover Blurb: Two men love her–but one of them might be plotting to kill her.

NOTE: That is a horrible blurb. If one of them is plotting to kill her, he can’t really love her, can he? Unless he’s a psychopath. Then again, does anyone who’s NOT a psychopath plot to murder a teenage girl? Am I thinking about this way too much? Yes, yes I am.

Main Character: Heather Lawson, turns 16 during the book; black hair, green eyes. She is a former English village girl whose father was awarded some land in the new world for hiding Charles II and his brother James when they were on the run from Cromwell.

Suitor #1: Jan Ryswyk, curly blond hair, blue eyes. Jan is a Dutch riverboatman who becomes smitten with Heather after he saves her from drowning. (She herself was saving a young Indian boy from drowning, but that’s beside the point.) But Heather’s father has a strong prejudice against the Dutch, so he’s not exactly supporting this relationship.

Suitor #2: Michael Downing, brown hair, gray eyes. He is the son of the Lawsons’ neighbor, Lord Robert Downing, and an artist. Of course he wants to paint Heather because she’s so beautiful. But Lord Downing wants the Lawsons’ land, and he’ll go to any length to get his way.

Setting: New York, 1665

On the Cover: Center, Heather in her red riding habit. Left, Jan. Right, Michael. Bottom right: Michael riding with Heather the night of the fire at the Willow Acres wharf, although Heather shouldn’t look quite so… faint? Damsel in distress-ish? Points for the green dress, though. Overall, I really do love Iskowitz’s work on these books.


Heather Back Cover

The book’s setting aside, if you’ve read one Schurfranz Sunfire book, you’ve already read this one, too.

  • Heroine spends time studying her blossoming curves in the mirror? Check.
  • Hero announces the heroine’s physical features by marveling aloud at her astounding coloring? Check.
  • Hero calls the heroine “Little One”? Check.
  • Heroine strips down to her undergarments for an inappropriate swim? Check.
  • Heroine performs life-threatening acts of amazing selflessness? Check.
  • Mustache-twirling older male villain?

Yo. But I resent the implication that I would be a better villain with a mustache.

A couple things do differentiate this book from the others. One, Heather’s father deprived their village of its idiot by moving to New York. The man cannot make a decision; good thing he has Heather to run their lives for them. He’s ready to roll over and play dead until Heather announces that OF COURSE they won’t sell Willow Acres to Lord Downing. Right? RIGHT?? The only time he doesn’t act like he’s had a lobotomy is when he firmly announces that the Dutch are all evil and Heather is forbidden to associate with Jan. Hmph.

And you know how usually a Schurfranz book has a nice suitor and a jerky suitor? Well, both of these guys are pretty jerky. It’s probably a setup so the reader doesn’t know which suitor (if either) is really the villain. But the thing that’s supposed to make the reader feel bad for one suitor actually just makes him seem like a wuss, so whatever.

Up Next: On the Historical Disaster front, there’s a book coming about the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake…so we’ll have a good comparison for Nora in a couple weeks. On the Sunfire front, one of my favorite short-format Sunfires, about what happens when love at first sight goes horribly wrong.


One Response to “Heather Quick Notes”

  1. I barely remember Heather. I think I read it once and wasn’t a fan. I love your checklist for Schurfranz- spot on!

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