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Nora Quick Notes

Surprise! I bet you never thought this was going to happen, didn’t you? I started writing this recap in May of 2013. Here’s the thing. Sunfire #26 by Jeffie Ross Gordon features one of the least-popular heroines: Nora. Before I started rereading it, I thought, “People give Nora a bum rap. Sure, she starts off as a horrible person, but she changes, kind of like Amanda.” Well, not exactly, and I have to admit that Nora ticked me off so much that first I didn’t want to finish reading it, and then I didn’t want to write about it. But if I want to finish the quick notes for all the books, I have to get through it. So here we go.

Nora Front Cover

Nora Front Cover

Front Cover Blurb: The earthquake has destroyed her city, but not her dreams!

Back Cover Blurb: It’s as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man. Isn’t it?

Main Character: Nora Mary Kate Brady, curly red hair, green eyes. Nora is the greatest social climber since Cinderella (with my apologies to Eva Peron and Tim Rice). She, her little brother, and her father are all lower working class, but Nora wants to be rich. She wants to be somebody. She wants to marry a banker and live in a mansion. And she has her poor future husband all picked out.

Suitor #1: James Fitzpatrick Duffy (Jamie), wavy rust-colored hair, blue eyes. He is a bank teller with dreams of being an aviator, but if Nora has her way, she’ll bully him into being a banker instead. Jamie is kind of brainless, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to have dreams of his own. He is obsessed with airplanes, and Nora doesn’t want to hear about them. These two are so amazingly mismatched that their marriage would be an epic disaster. Nora doesn’t want Jamie; she just wants to manipulate him into getting her what she wants. And Jamie doesn’t listen to Nora, either. You can’t really blame him, but on the other hand, he won’t make a great marriage partner when he’s so self-obsessed. Enter the earthquake and…

Suitor #2: Morgan Prescott (actually Andrew Evans Makepeace); brown hair, gray eyes. Nora finds him buried in some rubble, calling for help. “Morgan” has several injuries, including amnesia. But he’s carrying a whole lot of money in an envelope marked “Morgan Prescott,” so they assume that’s his name. Then, when someone who knows the real Morgan Prescott refutes this, everyone wonders if “Morgan” is really a thief. (He’s not.)

Setting: San Francisco, March through May 1906; Great San Francisco Earthquake of April 18, 1906

On the Cover: Center, Nora, looking very modern. Right, Jamie in flying gear. Left, Morgan/Andrew looking very banker-esque and not like an amnesia victim pulled out of rubble. Lower right: Morgan/Andrew and Nora, maybe at the end of the book? Nora still looks like her head’s in the clouds, or some delusion. Background: San Francisco burning.

Nora Back Cover

Nora Back Cover

So what really are the problems with this book? Well, I hate Nora. No, really, I hate her. Even after the earthquake happens, and she doesn’t know if her family has survived, and she finds Morgan, what does she do? Tells him she’s a rich socialite who lives in a mansion. Now maybe if NORA had been injured, if some bricks fell on HER head, and she thought she was actually her own fantasy, that would be different. But this nonsense is ridiculous. She has no idea who this guy is, no idea if they’ll live through the day…and she’s lying to him, because that’s what’s important to her. CRAZY.

And then, even after everything is settled and she realizes she loves Morgan, no matter who he is, and Jamie comes to her and offers to give up flying to make her happy…SHE. CONSIDERS. IT. Really, Nora? REALLY??? It’s like she learns nothing. It’s an insult to compare her to Amanda. Amanda would whup her skanky little butt.

Coming Next Blurb: Margaret, who won a job as a schoolteacher in a one-room pioneer schoolhouse on the prairie–and the hearts of two very different men.

I’ll be honest here: Margaret and Josie are also not my favorite Sunfires, but I WILL try to get to them in less than eight months. And then Diana, which is one of my favorites for some weird reason. (I think I just really like Shura Sunfires.)


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