Sunfire Romance Novels
In the 80s, the world was lit by Sunfire!

Margaret Quick Notes

So after all the time I took to get through Nora, I absolutely flew through the joy that is Sunfire #27, Margaret by Jane Claypool Miner.

Margaret Front Cover (Credit: Joel Iskowitz)

Margaret Front Cover (Credit: Joel Iskowitz)

Front Cover Blurb: Her new life as a prairie schoolteacher brings hardship–and love.

Back Cover Blurb: Can her worst pupil teach her the most important lesson of all?

Main Character: Margaret Evans, curly black hair, blue-gray eyes. Turns 16 about halfway through the book. She is an orphan who lives with her aunt and uncle in their plush Chicago home, but as her aunt is so fond of telling her, she has the adventurous spirit of her father. She gives up her cushy life to become a schoolteacher in Nebraska. (Her chosen swain eventually nicknames her “Meggie.”)

Suitor #1: Robert Clark, dark reddish-brown hair, dark brown eyes, 20 years old. He is the second-youngest son of a Nebraska farmer; his 16-year-old brother Henry is Margaret’s most disruptive student. To help Margaret keep the students under control, Robert starts coming to school too. Margaret thinks he’s there to be another thorn in her side, but Robert really wants to learn to read.

Suitor #2: Gerald Moore, golden blond hair, blue eyes, age 19; Margaret compares him to a china doll. (No, seriously.) He’s the son of a New York banker and came out west as a teacher to escape working in the bank, but also misses the culture of the big city.  He’s glad to find a kindred spirit in Margaret. He teachers in another town, but comes to visit quite often.

Setting: Mostly Clarkstown, Nebraska, 1886-1887.

On the Cover: Middle, Margaret, looking jaunty in her blue travel suit; on the right, Gerald, looking like a bit of a dandy; on the left, Robert, looking very much like a staid farmer. Bottom left: Margaret seeming to be wooed by Gerald (hmm, what makes me think they were actually talking about food?) Bottom right: the little schoolhouse.

Margaret Back Cover

Margaret Back Cover

If you’ve read the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, especially These Happy Golden Years, you’ve seen most of the plot of this book. A prairie schoolteacher younger than some of her students; children who misbehave when the teacher can’t control them; blizzards; prairie fires; and unpleasant landlords and living conditions. Yet Margaret has a certain personality and charm all its own. This is one of the rare Sunfires where a love quadrangle develops: Margaret, Robert, Gerald, and Margaret’s second landlady, 19-year-old Mary Whitaker. Mary is the widow of Robert’s older cousin, and Margaret is convinced both suitors are courting Mary. Mary, in turn, claims both come to court Margaret. Margaret is a prickly little thing, happy to see insults from Robert where there are none (shades of Gary and Roxanne).

Up Next Blurb: Coming next from Sunfire: JOSIE, who makes a daring ride to danger–and love–for the Pony Express!

All I can say about Josie is…UGH. I’m not looking forward to it, but it’s the second-to-the-last Schurfranz, and I like Renee much better.


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