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Diana Quick Notes

October 1, 2017

I started writing this post, like, years ago, so maybe it’s time to get it up there…and as I’ve mentioned before, #29, Diana by Mary Francis Shura, is one of my favorites. It’s focused on the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Front Cover Blurb: She’s been a citizen of two countries, but where […]

Josie Quick Notes

July 20, 2015

Surprise! I bet you thought I’d never get back to these last few books, but I decided to slog through Sunfire #28, Josie…and I it wasn’t really as bad as I remembered. Hmmm.   Front Cover Blurb: Her ride for the pony express changes her dreams—and her heart. Back Cover Blurb: Can Josie have love and […]

Margaret Quick Notes

June 29, 2014

So after all the time I took to get through Nora, I absolutely flew through the joy that is Sunfire #27, Margaret by Jane Claypool Miner. Front Cover Blurb: Her new life as a prairie schoolteacher brings hardship–and love. Back Cover Blurb: Can her worst pupil teach her the most important lesson of all? Main […]

Nora Quick Notes

May 27, 2013

Surprise! I bet you never thought this was going to happen, didn’t you? I started writing this recap in May of 2013. Here’s the thing. Sunfire #26 by Jeffie Ross Gordon features one of the least-popular heroines: Nora. Before I started rereading it, I thought, “People give Nora a bum rap. Sure, she starts off […]

Merrie Quick Notes

May 16, 2013

Sunfire #25 is Merrie by Vivian Schurfranz. This may be the Sunfire least focused on romance, save for perhaps Schurfranz’s most romantic moment. Front Cover Blurb: She’s run away to become a part of history, and to fall in love. Back Cover Blurb: It will take everything she has to survive the first year at […]

Gabrielle Quick Notes

March 24, 2013

Sorry about the hiatus…I’ve got a very busy work schedule at the moment. But here, without further ado, is a post that’s been in the works for a while. Sunfire #24 is one of my favorites: Gabrielle by Mary Francis Shura. Front Cover Blurb: Is it the showboat magic that makes him love her? Back Cover Blurb: […]

Heather Quick Notes

January 5, 2013

Sunfire #23 is Heather by Vivian Schurfranz. Front Cover Blurb: She is brave enough for life in the new world–but is she brave enough for love? Back Cover Blurb: Two men love her–but one of them might be plotting to kill her. NOTE: That is a horrible blurb. If one of them is plotting to […]

Corey Quick Notes

December 5, 2012

It took 22 books to get to a main character of non-European descent. The one and only African-American Sunfire girl is Corey by Jane Claypool Miner. NOTE: All three main characters are African-American, and only Ned gets a full physical description. Other than the sharp cheekbones Corey inherited from her Native-American grandfather and Penn’s height, […]

Rachel Quick Notes

November 17, 2012

Rachel, Sunfire #21, is one of Vivian Schurfranz’s titles that I like more than dislike. Front Cover Blurb: America promised her a new a life and a new love. Back Cover Blurb: Can she be true to her heritage and to the boy she loves? Main Character: Rachel Rothkowski, brown hair, brown eyes, turns 16 […]

Julie Quick Notes

September 3, 2012

In my opinion, Sunfire #20, Julie, by Vivan Schurfranz, has the ugliest cover hands-down. The yellow cast over all the images is only the start of its problems. Coming Next Blurb at the end of Nicole: Julie, who has to choose between two exciting men while she struggles to help in the building of the […]