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Margaret Quick Notes

June 29, 2014

So after all the time I took to get through Nora, I absolutely flew through the joy that is Sunfire #27, Margaret by Jane Claypool Miner. Front Cover Blurb: Her new life as a prairie schoolteacher brings hardship–and love. Back Cover Blurb: Can her worst pupil teach her the most important lesson of all? Main […]

Veronica Quick Notes

August 2, 2012

Sunfire #18, by Jane Claypool Miner, is Veronica. The preview in the back of Sabrina said: Coming next from Sunfire: VERONICA, who lived through the bombs of Pearl Harbor to find strength and love. You may notice something…odd…about my book’s cover. More on that later. Front Cover Blurb: World War II threatens to destroy her […]

Roxanne Quick Notes

July 8, 2012

Now for my all-time favorite Sunfire, #15, Roxanne by Jane Claypool Miner. Front Cover Blurb: From small town girl to Hollywood star, her heart would belong to only one boy. Back Cover Blurb: Theirs would be the greatest love story Hollywood had ever known. (Note: I think this is the first time the color of […]

Joanna Quick Notes

March 24, 2012

So, at long, long last, I’m back to this! Starting with Sunfire #5, Joanna. Front cover blurb: The chance for a new life, the hope for a new love…Were they worth the risk of leaving home? Back cover blurb: Would she have to defy everything–even love? Main character: Joanna Adams, dark brown wavy hair, brown […]