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Diana Quick Notes

October 1, 2017

I started writing this post, like, years ago, so maybe it’s time to get it up there…and as I’ve mentioned before, #29, Diana by Mary Francis Shura, is one of my favorites. It’s focused on the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Front Cover Blurb:¬†She’s been a citizen of two countries, but where […]

Marilee Quick Notes

April 18, 2012

Sunfire #9 is Marilee by Mary Francis Shura. Marilee stands out in that there are three fully eligible suitors instead of just two. All three are friends of Marilee’s brother, which helps establish Marilee’s (sometimes misguided) trust in each. Front Cover Blurb: One man will love her, one protect her, one understand her. Whom will […]

Jessica Quick Notes

March 31, 2012

Up next: Sunfire #6, Jessica, by Mary Francis Shura. Front cover blurb: She lived in a time when loving the wrong man could mean exile from her home. Back cover blurb: One man would love her; one man would lose her. Main character: Jessica Findlay, golden blond hair, blue eyes; just about to celebrate her […]