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Josie Quick Notes

July 20, 2015

Surprise! I bet you thought I’d never get back to these last few books, but I decided to slog through Sunfire #28, Josie…and I it wasn’t really as bad as I remembered. Hmmm.   Front Cover Blurb: Her ride for the pony express changes her dreams—and her heart. Back Cover Blurb: Can Josie have love and […]

Merrie Quick Notes

May 16, 2013

Sunfire #25 is Merrie by Vivian Schurfranz. This may be the Sunfire least focused on romance, save for perhaps Schurfranz’s most romantic moment. Front Cover Blurb: She’s run away to become a part of history, and to fall in love. Back Cover Blurb: It will take everything she has to survive the first year at […]

Julie Quick Notes

September 3, 2012

In my opinion, Sunfire #20, Julie, by Vivan Schurfranz, has the ugliest cover hands-down. The yellow cast over all the images is only the start of its problems. Coming Next Blurb at the end of Nicole: Julie, who has to choose between two exciting men while she struggles to help in the building of the […]

Megan Quick Notes

July 15, 2012

Sunfire #16 was the first short-format Sunfire in the series. I still remember stumbling upon it for the first time at the library. I hadn’t been looking for any more Sunfires, and yet, here was a totally unfamiliar one! I remember picking it up and thinking, “But where’s the rest of it?” Unfortunately, Megan, by […]

Cassie Quick Notes

June 9, 2012

I totally did not want to reread Sunfire #14, Cassie, by Vivian Schurfranz. Front Cover Blurb: Her love was as wild and untameable as the frontier itself. Back Cover Blurb: Her brave heart is torn between two worlds. Main Character: Cassandra “Cassie” Stevens, also known as “Snowflower.” Age 15, blond hair, blue eyes. She was […]

Danielle Quick Notes

August 6, 2010

I know, I already started talking about Danielle, but I’m still going to do a quick notes for it. Danielle is Sunfire #4. Front cover blurb: Could she side with the pirates against the one she loved? Back cover blurb: Twice she’d lost her heart, but who was her life-long love? Main character: Danielle Verlaine; […]